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Empower Your Life
with Tarot

A tarot reading can be an incredibly insightful, inspirational and empowering way to assist you with anything from daily decisions to life changing situations.

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Fully Comprehensive Written Report

Perfect for life changing decisions or gaining much deeper insight and understanding of relationships, career, business, finances or any other area of your life. Comprehensive guidance along your path, highlighting obstacles and how to work through or around them.



All readings are returned to you by email within 7 days.


Tarot Reviews

How I work with Tarot

Tarot cards offer a unique language and a powerful tool for deep diving into your situation to reveal what's really going on for you under the surface, to bring your attention to the subtle nuances of energy and influences at play in your life that you may not yet be fully aware of, so that you are better equipped to move forward in any area; whether that be relationships, business, career, money, property, travel, collaborations, creativity, spirituality, health and more.  

My style as a tarot consultant is to inspire and uplift you, to help you make better choices based on what the energies surrounding your question or situation look like in the cards, blended with my own intuitive interpretation.

I am not a fortune teller who will give you a YES, NO or MAYBE answer, because I believe this is neither helpful or empowering.  There is always more to your story than meets the eye.

This is why I don't use traditional cookie-cutter tarot spreads.  Instead, I create a unique tarot spread that's specific to your question or situation, and then use this to produce a comprehensive tarot report.

Knowing what your potential options are is one thing, but knowing which ones are in alignment with your desired goal or purpose, how each option could pan out, what challenges could arise, and how you could avoid or work through them in an easier and more enlightened way, will give you a deeper understanding of how to navigate your life and make positive and empowered decisions based on what is for your highest good. 

2023 New Year Tarot!

12 card year ahead spread  £40

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Why choose me as your tarot guide?

I've been naturally intuitive and sensitive to energy my whole life, and have spent almost 25 years working on my own personal development journey, which has included delving deep into my spiritual and intuitive gifts.  I've attended, and organised, countless spiritual, intuitive and energy healing events and workshops. Including attending 5 week-long residential retreats fully immersed in intuitive development at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Collage in London.

I spent several years exploring higher states consciousness in plant medicine work, gaining deep spiritual insights into who and what we are. And in the past few years intensifying my own inner work in deeper states of meditation. This work has helped to sharpen my intuition even more, so that I can better understand and read energy, and make more positive choices in my own life.

In more recent years I was drawn to study the meanings of the tarot cards, and I discovered I had a natural ability to read much deeper into their beautiful and mysterious imagery by tuning into the energy and symbols in the cards.

Reading the cards everyday for myself and others has been an absolute life-affirming pleasure. I also had the opportunity to give many readings on a global online platform which further enhanced my experience as a tarot consultant.

My journey will continue for the rest of my life, and I'm here to help you along yours.

Tarot Reviews

Please read and watch some of the testimonials below to help you decide if I am the right tarot consultant for you!

Tarot reviews

"Andrea gave me deep insights into what's really going on with me on a deep spiritual level. She tapped into the reservoir of work I've already done and where I'm going from here."

— Biba Logan

Artist & Photographer

“The reading helped to bring what I've already been mulling over into a more conscious form.  Andrea helps people to illuminate their own light in a really beautiful way.”

— Rachelle Hicks


“The guidance was very accurate and precise, and helped me to make some clear decisions for the next steps in my business.”

— Patricia Lohan

Feng Shui Expert

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 18.10.08.png

"Andrea’s reading was incredibly spot on. It gave both clarity and guidance on my direction moving forward regarding my question. She gave amazing insight on what I was struggling with related to my question too. 
This was more than I could have hoped for. Andrea is a very special soul, her work has helped me on many occasions. If you are seeking clarity on any subject or decision this would be extremely helpful for you. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is tremendous at what she does."

— Cherley Kane

Actor, Singer & Voice Over Artist

"I have had the pleasure of several Tarot Card readings from Andrea.  What is so unique about her methodology is that she not only answers the question posed accurately, but she also provides intuitive information which adds another miraculous level to the reading of the Tarot cards.  Her explanation is simple and easy to understand in written form along with a photo of the Tarot cards that were turned for better understanding.  It is not just the card that she sees.  It is sometimes a very unique and single image in the card that will draw her attention to something specific about the question at hand offering one more insight into much more beyond the question.  The more specific the question the more precise information Andrea can retrieve from the Tarot Cards.  There is no plus or negative to what the cards show.  They merely allow Andrea to feel if the energy of the question is one which should be followed, avoided or merely paid attention to.  We all want a positive reading but the cards do not lie.  They are a guide to our correct path and Andrea does not hesitate to gently nudge us along the path that is best suited for us in our life's journey.  You cannot go wrong with this beautiful gift Andrea has to help you move along in the right direction."  - Genevieve, Arizona

"I’ve recently had an amazingly accurate reading from Andrea. I’d asked a particularly difficult question surrounding my private life. The cards don’t lie and Andrea was spot on. With readings we have to be open to the truth whether this is what we want to hear or not. Andrea has given me clarity on an issue I already knew but needed that extra clarification. Thank you Andrea, you are a fantastic reader."

Deb Nicholls - Cacao Practitioner, Reiki Master & Moon Mother

Andrea’s tarot reading helped me in such a massive way to see exactly ‘why’ I was feeling blocked with creativity. 

The best thing was how she actually offered practical helpful ‘solutions’ for me to solve the situation .


 I am taking daily action on this advice and experiencing big shifts in my life and how I feel …practising  new helpful intentional ways of being so that I am now living my dreams awake instead of just dreaming about them ...they are happening as the reading helped get me into alignment with my thoughts actions and behaviours......and I feel so excited …   I am no longer blocked creatively and I am showing up on fire with passion being so productive! 


I now have laser clarity and momentum. 


 I am feeling so lit up daily now feeling liberated from old sabotage patterns when I was scattered not prioritising my inner desires/goals out my energy all over the was exhausting and frustrating....

and now I am being intentianal daily choosing who I am being and putting my soul desires first and foremost. Gamechanger. 


I am managing my mind to show up differently and I’m in flow it’s amazing. 


Andrea helped me to get clarity on what I need to let go of and to radically prioritise cherishing my needs and focusing on what my soul wants and to prioritise that above all else and it is the best advise I have ever been given as I am now feeling an inner sense of  fulfilment and joy ..tapping into what I need to fulfil my soul desires......and my energy is glowing. It is so positive for others to be around me feeling this alignment. I feel happier and a sense of real progress. 


Andrea’s reading was SO  accurate and on point I was blown away it was uncanny. 


I would highly recommend everyone to connect with Andrea and book a tarot reading. Hands down one  of the best things I have ever done. It was so easy and so so helpful to receive this information. 


Thank you so much Andrea. I feel blessed to receive this guidance. It is exactly what I needed to hear. There was tough love feedback in there that woke me up to take new daily actions for inner change."

Helen, Artist, UK

Wow, I’ve just had a most beautiful 2023 tarot reading by Andrea.

It was exceptionally well written and very insightful, with much depth in

the reading. It has given me hope and clarity for my future, and it has

also given me the confidence to trust more of what I feel and sense.


Andrea’s knowledge of the tarot is immense, and I could feel the

love that she puts into her readings. Her light shone through

as her words touched my heart and soul.


I highly recommend Andrea if you are wanting insight and guidance. Using her intuitive skills, 

she will surprise you with your reading; she is truly gifted, and I can’t thank Andrea enough. 

She has a pure heart of gold.

Susie Walters, Soulful Psychic Healer

How to book a tarot consultation

Please use the Book button below to submit your question(s) for the tarot via the contact form.

You may submit up to 3 questions for your reading, but if you submit just one question I can go into much more in-depth details on the subject.   

  Add a little context that you feel is relevant, without giving away too much information or personal details. The more specific you are about WHAT you want to know, the more accurate and relevant your reading will be.


Let me know if you are requesting a 12 card spread for 2023.

What NOT to expect:

I do not diagnose health conditions or give advice regarding treatments. 

I will not give YES or NO answers to questions regarding things like pregnancy, lottery wins, jobs etc.

If you're unsure, contact me anyway and just ask as I can help you phrase your question.


Once I accept your request I will send you a Paypal link. If you prefer to pay another way let me know.  When your payment has been received I can begin work on your personalised tarot report, which you can expect to receive by email within 7 days. 

I look forward to receiving your question!

Please add to your email contacts so your report doesn't land in spam!

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