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Everything in the universe is vibrating.

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"Sound is the medicine

of the future"

Edgar Cayce

We are naturally wired to be responsive to sound,

because the frequency of sound makes us feel something.

When sound is created with intention, the neural pathways and transducers in your brain convert the energy received and, through the process of entrainment, brain waves are synchronised to a new coherent rhythm.  Your autonomic nervous system is soothed to a feeling of harmony, spaciousness and deep relaxation.  As feel good hormones serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin are released into your system, your emotional state is elevated, and your heart opens so you can begin to access higher levels of love, joy and peace.

Being in this higher state can act as a catalyst for shifts along your desired path as creativity is boosted, limiting beliefs are dissolved, intuition and sensory perception is increased and your sleep pattern improved.  You can begin to find relief from stress, anxiety and depression, pain and dis-ease. Your immune system is boosted, cells are repaired and trauma and tension is released from your body.

Used by ancient civilisations as an instrument for healing and shamanic exploration, the raw power of the voice is the oldest and most natural form of sound medicine.  Vocal toning carries with it the emotion and intention of the vocalist. This is how great singers get the feeling of the message across and can bring us to tears or make us want to get up and dance. We listen to music and sing hymns and songs, not just in praise or celebration, but to uplift our mood, open our hearts and raise our vibration. 

Jonathon Goldman, author of The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, states from his comprehensive research in the field of sound medicine, 

"It is not only the frequency of the sound that creates its effect, but also the intention of the user."


Frequency + Intention = Healing

When we tune ourselves to a higher frequency, our awareness expands and we come back into alignment with the wholeness of who we are - multidimensional, vibratory beings of light.  When you are in a place of openness and receiving, sound frequencies will dissolve what hinders you and create space for more of your light to flow.

We're now experiencing a growing culture of sound healing across the globe through the use of sound baths, devotional chanting of mantras and vocal toning, because these intentional frequencies can cleanse and detox and energy field, reach into our hearts and bring us back to a sense of peace and wellbeing.  


As the conscious community adapts to global shifts and electromagnetic frequencies that constantly affect the delicate balance of our human bio-field, sound healing is proving to be a staple natural medicine to help rebalance our system. 

Although this powerful therapy has it’s roots fixed firmly in the ancient past, it has not been lost to modern science, as research now shows that the cells of our bodies pick up and respond to vibrational sound frequencies through antenna-like structures called cilia. 

In fact, sound wave therapy is being used increasingly in medical intervention in the form of high frequency ultrasound to help safely diagnose and treat some neurological disorders like Parksinson's and many other chronic conditions, without exposure to harmful radiation.

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