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Hi, I'm Andrea

I work as an Intuitive Channeller of Vocal Sound & Energy Alignment. As well as a 25 year background in energy and healing work, I've been channelling sound healing frequencies through my voice since 2012.  


I create beautifully hypnotic and deeply profound sound medicine journeys, along with healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums and rattles, which work to slow brain wave activity, calm the mind and bring you gently to a place of inner peace and stillness.

I work with individuals and groups, both in person and online, to assist with bringing them into energetic alignment with their own personal intentions for healing, manifesting, removing obstacles and shifting any creative or negative blocks.


During a sound journey session we will connect with your vibrational field and intentions to get a sense of where we need to go energetically. I will respond by intuitively setting the correct vibratory signature needed to bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit.


In other words, entraining your heart, mind and body to a new rhythm. 

If you can imagine, I'm like a human tuning fork. 

How it all began...

My vocal awakening happened in 2012 during a Winter Solstice ayahuasca ceremony while living in the beautiful country of Ireland. I'd been working with sacred plant medicines for several years to awaken and explore deeper states of consciousness.


Back then I'd never heard of vocal toning and new nothing about sound healing, but during a particularly challenging part of the ceremony I spontaneously began to use my voice to make sounds, which grew louder and louder.


I felt the frequency and vibration of each tone shifting something deep within me, and clearing the dark energy that seemed to be all around me.  After a while I could sense how the resonance of these frequencies was being received by others in the group, and could get a clear sense that this sound was shifting energy in each person.

A few weeks before this happened, I'd had three different vivid dreams. 


The first one was quite lucid, where I found myself in a forest connecting to a beautiful angelic light and sound that came through the trees.  I felt myself become the light and the sound, like we merged as one being.

The next two dreams were very similar to each other. In both I was standing in the middle of a sacred gathering of people and using my voice very loudly to clear energy.

I've always been shy about using my voice in front of others, so it took many years of self-growth and working with this new energy that was channelling through me, before I felt confident enough to start working with people. And despite every other path I took to avoid it, I kept been naturally drawn to explore intuitive vocal toning alongside high vibrational music. 


When I did I knew I was making space for more light to flow into my whole being and raise my vibration.  Now, it feels really good to use my voice for healing work. This practice has helped me to find more peace within, and shift so many of my own blocks to being heard.

I've been called to do this work, and I'm so grateful for the beautiful journey it's taking me on.

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