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1:1 Sound Healing Online

In this deep sound healing treatment, you will receive intuitively channelled vocal tones via live Zoom link, that are aligned with your soul sound signature, tuning you into source energy and your higher vibrational frequency.


Along with other sound healing instruments, these vocal tones will assist in slowing down the brain wave patterns and harmonising your entire vibrational field.


You can use a sound healing session to focus on any specific intentions you may have, for deep relaxation or for clearing the mind of chaotic thoughts.

Benefits can include: 

Assisting you on your healing path

Part of your spiritual journey 

A greater sense of wellbeing

Deepening your meditation practice

Clearer intuition

Better sleep pattern

Improved creativity

Clarity of mind

Connecting to and opening your heart

Removing mental and emotional obstacles

Clearing discordant energy from your system

Intention setting for creating shifts in any area of your life

Releasing any creative blocks

Any other intentions for your life


Each session is different for each client, every time.



All treatments are conducted via Zoom so we can connect and talk about what areas you would like to focus on during the session.


You’ll want to be in a comfortable and quiet place, preferably lying on a bed or couch, wearing relaxed clothing.  I do not need to see you once we begin the healing so there’s no need to have your laptop or phone propped up anywhere.

You will need a GOOD SET OF HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS for the best sound, wired are preferable in my experience.


Once we’ve set the intention, you can lie down or recline and I'll walk you through a short guided meditation to relax you before beginning the channelled sounds, which last about half an hour.


Afterwards I can answer any questions and give you my feedback on what I sensed during the healing.



Before we meet online, I spend time clearing my workspace intentionally with music and burning sage or palo santo.  This is to set the tone and intentionally create a sacred space for your healing session.


Once I have set up the technical and sound healing instruments, I will meditate to connect to call in my guides and connect to your vibration so that when we meet we are already aligned.


I now have 3 payment options for personal sound healings:

1 hour session over Zoom, including guided meditation & live channelled sound healing - £60

1 hour session over Zoom, including guided meditation, live channelled sound healing

& recording of the session for you to keep - £80

30 minute channelled recording specifically for your personal intentions - £50

(Also ideal as a sound signature for lightworkers to use during treatments)

Cancellation Policy

Sorry I do not offer refunds for cancellations.  However, I am happy to reschedule your appointment if you contact me at least 24 hours before. 

1:1 Online Sound Healing Session - £60

Recorded 1:1 Online Sound Healing Session - £80 

30 Minute Channelled Sound Recording - £50


If you have any questions about working with me please use the form below.

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